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Tuesday, May 29, 2012


My sisters and I got together this past weekend and tried our hand at quilling.  Pinterest has had so many displays of quilling-I had to try it.  It is really fun!  We are just beginners with just the instructions that we found on the internet.  There are soooo many different techniques for quilling!  I think the more you practice- the better you would get at making the different designs that are available.  I hope to be able to use this form of art for more of my cards!  We really did have a fun day!

On Sunday, my family got together to celebrate the Holiday!  The weather was just beautiful!  I sat on my sister Rochelle's deck and enjoyed the beautiful day!  Here are just a few shots of some of the fabulous food that was prepared for good eatin!

The strawberry tart recipe was found on Pinterest!  They were delicious and easy to make!  Connie's cinnamon crisp recipe in the lower right hand corner was from Pinterest too!
Check out the shrimp below- This was a recipe my sister-in-law Charlotte, who shared it with Rochelle!  It is destined to be a family favorite!  I can't wait to get the recipe!

And lastly, the fabulous Chicken Kabobs!  Mark did a great job of grilling these creations!  They were great!   The weekend was alot of fun!  I am headed back to work today and it is raining this morning.  The weekend is but a memory now- but it was great fun!  Enjoy your week!


  1. Our quiling bee was so much fun. I am anxious to apply my new skills to another project.
    The food was fab at the barbecue. I think that's my hand going for the fruit salad and cinnamon chips. What a fun day!!

  2. Wow, I don't know which I like better your quilling cards or all the wonderful food! Fantastic quilling and I hope to try this someday. I would love to try your grilled shrimp recipe :-)