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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Topsy Turvey Planter

I have my 3D Mother's Day card tutorial all set to publish but I can not figure out how to put my template on my blog so you can click on it and print it!!!  I have spent a week trying to figure it out and I just don't get it!!!  I think I have to give it up!!! I scanned the templates that are needed to my documents as a JPEG but when I put it on my blog - you can't click on it... So frustrating!!

In the meantime, to blow off some "steam" - I have planted a Topsy Turvey planter that I saw in several places on PINTEREST!  I loved it!  I haven't finished adding all the plants.  It is so much fun setting this up!  It is somewhat shaded in this corner of our patio- so I am looking for more shade plants!  I hope everyone has a FABULOUS Mother's Day!!

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  1. Wow! It came out great. I love the look. I think where you put it is perfect. I don't think I have a place to put one... But after we finish our veggie garden project, I am going to think about it.. Nice work..