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Friday, September 6, 2013

I have been busy, busy working on a commissioned Wedding Vertical Paper Bag album! I will share some pictures when it is completed!   But our Grandson's birthday is this weekend so I had to make a birthday card to celebrate his special day.  We are headed to the island to help him celebrate!  We went to the Despicable Me 2 movie this summer and I heard him laugh out load during the movie, so I know he loved it!  This is another Tri-fold card that is so easy to make!  I used a bunch of dies to make the little minions.  The sentiment makes me laugh but he really is "One in a Minion"!

Side view

 I hadn't shared any pictures of my porch this summer, at least I don't think I have...Since September is here and fall is just around the corner- I thought I would show you our porch!  I bought some tea cups at the flea market this summer and planted a few succulents in them.   The hat was my Mother-law's hat.  I love seeing it hanging there- it reminds me of her when ever I pass by it.  My Dad made the wooden tool box.  He died a few years ago and it too reminds me of him.  Loving memories of both my Dad and Queenie.

I put out the rug and chairs every year but this year we really seemed to use the chairs more often.  We sat out many nights and watched the moon.  I love rocking in them during the day in the warm sun.  It really is a wonderful porch!

I love the baby carriage in the picture above too! This year the flowers I planted did really well.  You never know how the plants will do since this porch doesn't get sun all day.  The plants below are in the corner and don't get much sun at all.  I think they are called New Guinea Impatiens.   We had lots of flowers this summer on these plants.  They seem to know fall is coming and have stopped blooming so much.  The pump at the top was from a flea market too!  Speaking of flea markets- I am headed today with my sisters to Brimfield!!!  I can't wait!  I will post a few pictures of our adventure at the biggest flea market of all!! Hope you all have a fabulous day!!


  1. LOVE the card!! Minions are in this year, that is for sure. I made some owl crocheted hats last year and I just saw a minion one on the NET the other day!

    Your porch is beautiful! I especially LOVE the second photo with the rocking chairs and the baby buggy! Looks like House Beautiful! A little idea for you to consider about planting next summer. Try a begonia for a shady area. They DO NOT LIKE hot direct sunlight. I keep one on my south porch but very close to a corner where my front door is. It only gets morning direct sun. Larry built a platform/stairs sort of thing off the back screened in porch this summer and I'm planning to put some potted begonias out there next summer as it's on the north side and shaded practically all day. I'll let you know via FB I'm sure, how that all goes. I'm going to try and keep my front porch begonia over the winter as a friend gave me some tips of how he's done it for about 14 years. He has beautiful flowers. Happy Fall. Speaking of fall, I have my Momma's fall lap quilt hanging over the back of my couch this year. Always a warm reminder of her and her love! Give your Momma an extra hug from Lil.

  2. OMG! I love your minion punch art and the cute design! I need to make one of these, lol. Love your beautiful porch!

  3. The minion card is adorable. You know how cute I think minions are... Thanks for the begonia idea, Lily.. I think I will be getting some for my porch. I know Rochelle has them for hers.

  4. Your card for Ezra is so cute! Love those little minions! Your porch looks terrific! You definitely have a "green thumb".