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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Mini Coffee Cup Tote

I love Dawn's tutorial for the Mini Coffee Cup tote!   I made these at Halloween and my friends loved them.  So I thought I would make some for Christmas!  They hold a good amount of candy or you can fill it with a cocoa packet and some marshmallows.

You can see from the picture I made a few!  I thought my former co-workers would like them and our hairdresser and well just about anyone!

I made some with big bows on the top.  There are a couple that are just totes and don't have any bows.  I really love making these too!!

Dawn does a fabulous job of explaining how to make these totes!  Here is her link-

Still working on projects for our Christmas stockings.  I will have to post pictures when those are done.  We had our first snowfall today.   !  It is so pretty - I don't even mind it.  Have a fabulous afternoon!

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