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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

I hope everyone had a Very Merry Christmas!  We celebrated a couple of days before Christmas with our kids since we rotate each year so they will have time to celebrate on Christmas with their in-laws.  I am grateful that we did since we had a Nor'easter on Christmas Day!

I did want to share the Birthday card I made for my brother-in-law! I saw this on Pinterest and had to copy it for him since he is so handy around the house.  My sister, Connie, always has him doing projects around their house.  I thought this card was perfect for Russ!

The picture below is another picture of our Christmas cards this year! It is a diorama card that is much fun to make!  Each card was a little different.  I showed some others in a previous post. 

My husband and I have decided to spend some time in Florida this year.  We are very grateful that one of our kids can stay in our house to watch and make sure all is well.  I have to say I was a little hesitant with the idea of going but I am up for it now.   The temperature is supposed to be below zero with the wind chill for the next week!  Florida here we come!  I do plan on posting on my blog from Florida since we will be taking our laptop with us.  I am also bringing some "stuff" from my craft room!  I thought I would end this post with some of my favorite pictures from Christmas!  Hope everyone has a very Happy New Year!

Making Clam Dip with Papa

Our Grandkids!  They get along so well!
Everett & Mom

Ezra and Papa snowblowing!



  1. Hi Chris, it was a good thing you celebrated Christmas early. The weather was pretty bad. Your cards are gorgeous and I’m sure your brother-in-law loved his. Enjoy your time in sunny warm Florida. Happy New Year!!!

    1. Thanks, Donna! It's a little chilly here now but still much warmer than home!