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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Florida 2018

We drove to North Port, Florida right after Christmas to avoid the storm!  We didn't have any trouble all the way down.  This last week we have been exploring the area.  I just love it!  The picture above is from the mall in our area.  

We went out to dinner at a restaurant in Englewood called Farlow's  that had great seafood!  They brought around a cart to show you what the fish looked like before you ordered it!  How cool!

We wanted to check out the beaches in this area too!  This beach is in Venice near Sharkey's restaurant.  It was beautiful but it was too cold that day to venture out.  The weather here has been cold but it is warming up.  I am not complaining because our kids are telling us how cold it is in Maine.  

Of course, we had to do some junkin down here!  We found this fabulous junk store called, FUNKY JUNKIES!  It is one of my favorite stores that we visited in Punta Gorda!!  I will be going there again! 

The picture below is another fun Vintage store called Last Chance!  This store was another wonderful find!!

 They have a ton of venders that have a lot of fun stuff!  I love what they use to display their items- see the vintage ladder!! I want to go here again too!  This Saturday they are having a festival with more venders and music with food trucks right outside their store.  We will be going to check it out!

So I haven't been doing any crafting but will be working on some projects this week!   We walked the sidewalks in Venice and had an ice cream!  It was lovely!  In one of the storefront windows I saw this adorable cloche!!  This is similar to what my sister's and I love to make!  Love the pink colors!
Today we are headed to Englewood to check out a craft store!! Yipee! I will follow up on another post.   Thanks again to the kids for staying at the house while we are gone!!  

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