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Sunday, January 5, 2020

Christmas Past

I am in love with this cute Penguin Gift Box!  I was going to say little Penguin but she is not- this box is 10 inches tall!  It can hold a lot of goodies or a good size gift.  I bought this SVG file from Dreaming Tree.  They have fabulous stuff!  I bought a bunch before Christmas but didn't have time to make them all so I am making them now.  I know it's after Christmas but the stuff is so cute- I can use them next year!

Here is a picture during construction.  The best part was working with the fake eyelashes.  I have never worn them and didn't have a clue.  They are self sticking and really fun to attach to the googly eyes!

Here is a Winter Scene from Dreaming Tree!  Love that there is a built in space for a tea light.  This card/box stands 10 tall too!  It is so pretty!  The picture doesn't do it justice!  The picture below is without the tea light on.

Below is a picture during construction. I used glitter paper for the "ice". 

I will end my post with just a couple of  pictures of Florida!  The alligator is from the First Watch Restaurant right here in North Port. We have seen a bunch of them on the golf course.  This one is fierce looking!

I just love the flowers down here!  This one was at the little mall around the corner.  Just beautiful!  We are enjoying our stay here for sure!  Talk soon!

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