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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

10 Signs that you are 60 years old!

My husband's birthday is this week.  He will be 60 years old! I usually make him birthday cards with Golf themes since he is so passionate about his golf game.  But this year will be different!  For some reason, he has been talking about getting a GUMBALL machine for our living room!  I really like some of the ones I have seen but I am not sure about getting one for our living room?  Anyway, I thought maybe if I made one for his birthday would get it out of his system.  I totally cased one I saw on Pinterest.  I went back to create a link ...and I can't find it.  I thought I had saved it to my board but it is not there.  I believe it may have been done by a Cricut machine.  I don't have a Cricut but I love the one I saw!  If someone recognizes it, let me know and I will add the link.  It is a shaker card that I made just using some acrylic for the window and mounting with some foam strips.  I did put Crystal Effect on the colored circles I used for gumballs to give them some shine.  This card is for fun and so I used something for the inside sentiment that I thought was a hoot-

Top 10 Signs That You Are

60 Years Old!

                                                  1. When you sleep, people worry you're dead.

                                     2. Your back goes out more than you do.

                                     3. Your best friend is dating someone

 half their age. ..and they aren't breaking any laws.

                                     4. You wear black socks with sandals.

                                                 5. When your idea of a night out  is sitting on the patio.

                                                6. It takes longer to rest  than it did to get tired.

                                                7. Your address book has mostly  names that start with Dr.

                                   8. You sit in a rocking chair and can't get it going.

                                   9. Getting "lucky" means  you found your car in the parking lot.

                                  10. You forgot that you already  had your 60th birthday."

I hope my husband gets a kick out of it.  I also had " Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be"!My husband is more of a romantic than I am...but I love that saying.  Now, I am laughing at this sentiment but it a few short months I will join the 60 year old club.  eck. I was fine with being in my 50's  but 60???? Yikes!!  It will really take some getting used to.  I hope I can laugh at these 10 Signs then! 
Footnote:  Thank you Carol for finding this link! This is the Gumball machine that I cased!  It is really adorable!


  1. This is great! Love #9! Mark will be 59 at his next birthday I don't think I can wait until 60 to use this sentiment! Love your card, very colorful-Tom will love it too!!!

  2. Wicked cute card. I think Tom loved it. I am right there with you on the 60 thing.... It's just a number, right???

  3. Chris,

    I'm really laughing my butt off! I'm not even close to being 60 and I cheer when I come out of the mall and find my car in the parking lot ... lol. I love your gumball machine card. Happy Birthday to your hubby.

  4. Wow, you are the punch art queen, i love this!!!

  5. Is this the one you saw?