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Friday, August 24, 2012

Picnic Basket

I purchased a few Stampin Up supplies from Lynn Pratt's site -

quite a while ago.  When you purchase from her you can be eligible for one of her fabulous tutorials or you can buy them outright!  You can find the picnic basket under her tutorials  I have had this one awhile but couldn't find the time to actually make the basket.  We have a summer co-worker leaving this week and I wanted to make a going away gift for her.  This basket is perfect to hold 2 yummy cupcakes!  I began my basket with one brown color and then realized I didn't have enough of that color to finish it! I ended up using another brown but I love how it came out- even with a couple of mistakes!!  It really is a very sweet basket and a good sized one at that!   Here are a few more pics-


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