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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Clip It Up Ribbon Organizer!

I had to share pictures of my new Clip It Up ribbon organizer!  I love it!  I got a great deal on E-bay and it is brand new!  Not only does it organize my ribbons but I can use the clips that come with it to hang my Memory Box dies!  It is much easier to see my ribbon and the dies now.  It is 36 inches long - I filled it right up with all my ribbon!  I have the white wire shelving under it for the smaller & too large ribbons that don't fit into it.  Most them fit just fine!!!  The clips can take care of the ribbon that aren't on a spool too! Both sides have a opening that you can put a pair of scissors in for convenience!  Here are a few more pictures-


  1. Wow...this was a perfect solution. It really looks great on your wall and I can see how organized it makes your ribbon and Memory Box dies. I have to look into this idea...

  2. You go girl! This is what I call totally organized. Glad you can't see how my ribbon is kept. Looks fantastic!