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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Flip and Tuck Card

 I went shopping this weekend to the Maine Mall.  I love to browse thru the card shops at the mall and check out all the cards.  I am always looking for inspiration! I found a card that had it's own base.  I am not sure what it's called but  I am calling it the "Flip and Tuck" card!

You have to make a notch at the bottom of the card that will insert in the back of the card.  I used my Exacto knife to cut the slot.  The card that I saw had the sentiment on the inside but I think I will put my sentiment on the back.  I am saving this card for the next time I need a birthday card.  This is what the back looks like-

Here is a side shot-
I think I will try a few more cards in different sizes.  I like the fact that it can fold flat and be sent thru the mail.  I also loved the Painted Glitter technique that I used on this card.  I have done it before but had forgotten how much I love it!  Here is a shot of the Outlined stickers I used from Elizabeth Crafts!

Check out this fabulous tutorial that give excellent directions on this technique-


  1. This is soooo pretty! Love the technique and this type of card! Love the name, Flip and Tuck! So cool!!!

  2. Love this technique. I tried it too. It is so easy to do and fun to color. I had forgotten we had taken this class. The video is so good. She does a great job describing each step.. Nice card... see the sparkles...