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Friday, June 3, 2011

Birthday Girl Card

I have been playing around with Julie Nutting's ideas from  her book - Collage Couture!  If you scroll down to my last post you will see the link to her blog.  I took her suggestion and copied a form from a magazine to make my model.  After making the template below, I cut it out of newspaper print. I love dressing the models in different clothing! 
My daughter's birthday in June 7th and I wanted to make a different card for her this year.  The hardest part is getting the hair right.  I used Claudine Hellmuth's acrylic paints to add the hair. My daughter's hair is very curly.  I don't think I quite captured her hair but I hope to get better with practice.  Here is the inside of her birthday card.  Shhh!  She is going to be 29!  Oh, to be 29 again!!


  1. u always amaze me, very unique and very different style and very talented too. just love it.

  2. So cool.. I am going to peruse my magazines for a template.. I think I will get the book,too. Love this card...

  3. Chris,

    Very creative! I recognize her skirt - I love that Stampin' Up Designer Paper.

  4. oh so pretty!! love the idea of taking a design from a mag. The colors of the paper are sssoo neet with the word skin. I just LOVE your work!!! yeppie my book will be in this week, i cant wait. I will post what i make too Chris..

  5. Veronica-
    I can't wait to see your work!!