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Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Fine Feathered Friends!

There is nothing more relaxing for me than to work on an art project!  I am still having fun with my new book by Julie Nutting, Collage Couture.  I love her ideas!   She is able to draw her models but I have a hard time getting them to come out they way I want.   I used her suggestion to find a magazine and use a model in the pages of the magazine.  I bought US Magazine's Hot bodies issue and found many great models.  Here is one below.
I photocopied the picture and then cut out my model.  I did make mine just a little thinner.  I will keep my template to use again whenever I want.  This is really an easy way to get the model you want. 

I cut out 3 models from the Sunday newspaper.  You can really use anything- old dictionary, music or an old Atlas!  I was wondering what the funny papers would look like?

I painted my canvas board with Claudine Hellmuth's acrylic paints.  I also used small bubble wrap to make my bubbles.  You press the bubble wrap on your canvas board in any length you want.  I love how it came out! 

The hardest part for me is painting the hair.  I need to really practice getting it right!!  It is fun trying to come up with a good hairdo!  Here is a side view of the finished project.  My sister, Connie and I went to LL Bean's to get the feathers.  You can find a great selection in the fly fishing department.  I plan to use them in some future cards for embellishments.  Feathers are my new favorite thing!  It was fun dressing these models!
Check out Julie Nutting's blog for more ideas and inspiration!


  1. Love the feathers! I'll have to give canvas art a try!

  2. Wow..This is so pretty. Love the feathers and where you used them. Can't wait to try it on my own.. thanks for the great illustrated directions.

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