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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Newbie Stamper!

Our grandson, Ezra, came to visit this past weekend.  Ezra in not quite 4 years old but already is showing his artistic side.  He is new to stamping but really seems to take to this art form!  I just love it when he visits my Studio.  In the above picture, he is studying his next move. "What color shall I use next"! Look at the intensity that goes into his design! What an inspiration!

Finally, he displays such satisfaction in his work!  I can't wait until his next visit!  I am in hopes of having him come back during my vacation for more fun in "Mimi's" Studio!


  1. Chris,

    Your grandson is so cute! A new and upcoming artist.

  2. He does look like he is really studying and so intense! He has a great teacher!

  3. Thank you for sharing in your fun with Ezra.

  4. He is such a cutie... I hope you frame his art work. Add his art work to your blog.. He'd like that...

  5. Ezra is a darling and so very concentrated on his artistic efforts! TFS