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Monday, June 13, 2011

The Secret Place!

My husband and I decided we wanted to use our patio again!  It is just a small area outside of the sun room at our condo.  We had a large eating table and umbrella before-but we never used them!  This year, I want to be able to sit out here and eat breakfast or even read a book!  The shutters were a gift from my sister, Rochelle and her husband, Mark -Thank you!  We were going to use these shutters to make a head board for the bed in the guest room but I really like the warmth it adds to this space.  I will look for more shutters for the bed! The table was from Homegoods and the chairs from Pier 1.  We bought the planters and plants from Skillin's Greenhouse.   I still needs plants for the pots on the ground.  That will be fun to try and decide what flowers to plant.  Oh, the sun was from an indoor flea market in Scarborough.  I am really going to love it out there!  Let's hope for some warm weather!


  1. Hi Chris,

    What a quaint space and I love the idea of using the shutters. I'm sending warm and sunny weather your way!

  2. This is nice! It will give you more room! The warmer weather is comingin a couple of days!

  3. Looking good.. Can't wait to see it in the sunlight, whenever that comes back out. It will be a dreamy place.