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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mini Golf

I haven't had much time to play in my Studio lately! Sorry to have been absent from my blog.    I  have been preparing to move my office to a brand new office just down the street.   My big girl job is Branch Manger at a local bank. Yesterday we closed the  doors at 3 pm and worked until 9 pm moving in and trying to get organized so we can reopen the doors on Monday.  Whew! What a job!  We are working today to, hopefully, finish the move.  It went smoothly with everybody pitching in!   I thought I would share a few pictures of our grandson, Ezra, playing mini golf for the first time a few weekends ago!  I was the photographer that day and had a blast watching him play.  My husband is an avid golfer and loves that Ezra is wild about golf! 
Ezra practiced his putting all winter in our living room with his big boy clubs!  I think he has become pretty good at putting.  I think he enjoyed his first try at miniature golf!

I loved how they use water and greenery to really add to the fun at the miniature golf location in Brunswick.  It really was a fun day!

Ezra loved it when the ball made it into to cup!  He really looks serious about his putting. 

I love this shot of the two of them!  It really was a fun way to spend the afternoon.  We finished the game just before a rain storm.  We can't wait until we can take  him again. 


  1. I love seeing pictures of Ezra. He looks like Noah in some of the shots. He is going to be another Tiger Woods, with better decision making skills. Looks like you all had fun ....

  2. Wonderful pictures of your grandson! I haven't had a chance yet to play mini golf, but always enjoy it. Good luck with your move Chris.